L^3HD Acrylic Photo Mount is the top of the line mounting option for serious art collectors.

This ideal photo mount provides unrivalled optical clarity, archival durability, and frameless modern aesthetic. Constructed around an already incredible image, this medium is designed to use the finest display materials, for the purpose of protecting and displaying photo wall art perfectly.

Vibrance, clarity, and durability, are all boosted considerably when mounted on this premium display option.

Professional photographers and curators consistently have this mount atop their list as a first choice for photo mounting and display for exhibition. This speaks to the supreme quality of the product, and it’s ability to make a photo jump off the wall to viewers.

There is a reason it is the first choice mount for museums and professional galleries, and once you see it for yourself, it goes without saying, just seeing!

Selecting this mount as a companion to your Lifelightlens Photographs, will prove over time (A very long time) to be one of your best decisions as the curator to your home and office decor.