L^3HD Metallic Photo Mount is a beautifully crafted modern photo wall art mount.

Display your chosen image with a frameless piece that is at the same time industrial with a refined polish. Using a unique material as a medium for photo display, such as aluminum is an opportunity to add a uniquely brilliant piece of wall art to your personal collection.

Using a process known as dye sublimation, your specially chosen Lifelightlens photograph is printed directly onto the metallic substrate, giving the piece an exposed finish, that shines for viewers in a way that papers and canvas cannot.

This mount is relatively inexpensive for a premium wall art piece, allowing your gallery to appear much more expensive to your viewers, than it actually will be to your budget.

This is a great choice for collectors that are looking for a premium modern piece, but cannot quite afford to spend on an Acrylic Photo Mount.

Lofts, offices, and modern homes will makes this piece right at home for displaying a beautifully piece of collectors wall art.