Music Images. Concert photography image of two hands raised seeking energy at a music festival.

Expose Your Energy

Music Images Photography Packages and Prices

People are searching for it in the crowd of bands
They are looking and listening for something special

It is not enough to reach only the ears of the audience
They must come away with a completely unforgettable memory

To have them looking forward to everything you do from now on
Give them something to look back on they will never forget


Music Images. Concert Photography image of a euphoric fan during Black Keys performace.

Music Images
Photography Services

Energetic Concert Photography

A great performance is not safe nor ordinary
It is a creative, intimate, and high energy highlight
That is exactly what you can expect from your music images
We will be on the ground in the thick of the action
Making sure the energy cries out of every frame

From your Concert Photography Experience

Wedding Pictures. We will get to know you as a couple
Wedding Pictures. We will treat you like family

Intimate Concert Photography

The key to building a devoted audience is the connection
It is their respect and admiration of your work
And your love for their loyalty and enthusiasm
Reinforce the power of your relationship
With powerful images of that mutual passion

From your Concert Photography Experience

Band Promo Photos

As much as you are an artist this is still a business
And that means you need to market your act
One of the things you will need is band promo photos
No matter who your are presenting yourself to
Control the image you want to convey

With your Band Promo Photos

Wedding Pictures. We will get to know you as a couple
Wedding Pictures. We will treat you like family

Album Artwork

Creative cover artwork is the final stamp on your album
But it may be the first thing that draws a buyer to your record
Before they have even heard a single note from your songs
They will see what you have chosen to represent your work
So choose the perfect symbol for your music

With custom Album Artwork

Music Images PACKAGES
and prices

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As Your Concert Photographer

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“Hewson Grey has worked with Damon on numerous occasions and he remains our first choice when needing shots.

Damon’s innovative artistry, professionalism, technical knowledge, and most importantly passion, pushes him to the top of the class and into a league of his own”