Portrait Photography. LIFELIGHTLENS image of an Arabian Princess

Face Your Beauty

Portrait Photography and Photography Package Prices

We see the best in you and so should you
Portrait photography creates a picture of self confidence to refer to

You already have it within yourself to be a beautiful person inside and out
Whether it is your face or body we are looking at that should never be in doubt
But looking in the mirror doesn’t always make you feel great about your image

Instead look at a photo designed to bring out the best in your physical features
Creating a visual source of self-esteem to be able to draw upon when its needed
Let us take your portrait while giving you a sense of pride in the way you look

Let us help you realize a beautifully personal image

For Yourself…

Portrait Photography. Boudoir photography sessions of a nude woman with henna on her back.

Photography Services

Traditional Portrait Photography

Your self-image is as important as your personality
It should be a source of personal visual strength
Empowering you to feel comfortable in your own skin
While displaying your beauty without the conscience
Realize the beauty of your image

With a Portrait Photography Session

Wedding Pictures. We will treat you like family
Wedding Pictures. We will get to know you as a couple

Conceptual Portrait Photography

Portraiture is the art of capturing a persons image
While freeing their soul to expose itself outwardly
The ways in which you can express yourself visually
Are only limited by the frame of your imagination
Explore your personal portraiture possibilities

With a Portrait Photography Session

Family Portraits

Your family is what is most important to you
They are where you came from as a child
And where your future is going with children
feature them in pride of place
With beautiful family pictures

From a Family Photo Session

Wedding Pictures. We will get to know you as a couple
Wedding Pictures. We will treat you like family

Pet Portraits

Lets not forget your pets
They are a part of the family
Just as you are proud of the kids
Show your fur babies some attention
With pet pictures of your favourite

From a Pet Portrait Session

Portrait Photography PACKAGES

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As Your Portrait Photographer

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“Damon and I have worked together on several occasions, each with it’s own theme and concept. I always feel comfortable, and confident when it come to his feedback and directions.

Its very professional, but we do have a lot fun, and I always look forward to the opportunity.”

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“We were looking for a family photo to give as a 60th anniversary present to Larry’s parents. We had never done family portraits before and were not sure what to expect.

Lifelightlens Photography handled everything. They came up with a location, sent details and information to all of the family members we were involving, and then took beautiful photos for us. When the prints came we blown away.”

[/fusion_testimonial][fusion_testimonial name=”Lisa ” avatar=”image” image=”https://www.lifelightlens.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/lifelightlens-smith-testimonial-1.jpg” image_border_radius=”” company=”” link=”” target=”_self”]

“I hired LIFELIGHTLENS Photography to help me make a gift for my parents anniversary.

Our dogs have been a part of the family for as long as I can remember, but it was getting to the time when they wouldn’t be around for much longer.

Damon met with me out of town from where he was, and he did an amazing job of capturing the energy and personalities of our pets. My parents raved about the gift, and it makes me happy to know they can always look back on these photos and smile.”