See the Big Picture

To reach the ceiling of what any space can become, naturally you need to start with the walls. Make sure you have them covered with our custom wall murals for inspired office decor.

By treating walls as more than just structural white space, you transform a blank building into an attractive architectural environment that inspires people to invest their talent in your company. Showing them you are invested in their state of mind and creating a harmonious work space, are powerful reasons for them to stay… Attract. Inspire. Retain.

Our custom wall coverings provide refreshing surroundings for your staff. Have them looking to the walls for inspiration, instead of looking for ways to escape them, by providing an enriching environment in which they will be encouraged to thrive.

Permanent Wall Murals

Designed to last beyond ten years our permanent wall murals are a constant visual backdrop any work environment can continue to draw inspiration from.

Made from a premium vinyl material and applied with high grade adhesives it can be applied to most walls, but but before we go to print an adhesion test is done that serves as a your guarantee. If passed you will be protected by an eight year manufacturer’s warranty.

UV resistance is a natural quality of the polymer, so fading concerns are minimized. Five different textures are available from coarse to fine; linen, knit, fir, riverbed, and plaster, and as an added bonus, the wall covering will protect your walls from scuffs and markings.

This is your wall mural of choice if you are looking for premium visual surroundings that will be a part of your growing environment for the long run.

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