Mounted wall Art

Achieving an Art/Work Balance is Key

Balance is everything, and that is no less true in designing a workplace environment where workers can thrive.

People need to be a part of a culture that makes them feel valued, inspired, and comfortable in the future. You can attract talented individuals and help retain them long-term, by creating and maintaining an office environment that everyone can continue to invest in together.

Mounted wall art contributes to a perfectly balanced workplace, by providing a localized piece of colour, interest, or inspiration wherever it is needed to fill in the vast emptiness of your walls.

Add it piece by piece to your white space, until you reach an ideal environment featuring an art/work equilibrium.

Acrylic Face Mounts

If the gods created a perfect photo display medium this is what would be conceived in all reality. Let us introduce you to the ultimate visual experience in the realm of photo wall art possibility.

Genesis begins with a backbone of steadfast dibond supporting the delicate nature of a pristine photographic print, until a sheet of optically correct plexiglass forever seals it away from the elements and effects of time.

The C-bar hanging system raises it up to transcend above the ground and away from the wall like the very angel of artwork, no need for a frame as this modern mount just floats there on the wall looking perfectly infalible.

In plain terms, this mount does it all and at the highest levels we can provide because there is no equal. The optically correct acrylic enhances detail, depth, and enriches hues, providing an almost 3D effect to the photo beneath.

Professional galleries and museums choose to revere brilliant photography on the mount they deem most worthy, but for the most important endorsement of this product, it is the first choice for our own walls.

Product Specs