Lifelightlens Photography Presents SKY Lounge Exhibit

It is not the magnificent river valley, the immaculate legislative grounds, or one of the world’s largest shopping malls that can be singled out as the focal point of the city of Edmonton. The beating heart of the capital of Alberta has always been the icy surface of the once Coliseum, now reimagined as Rogers Place in downtown’s Ice District.

In the heart’s heart of this city’s passion for champions, a new interest is being cultured. Long a patron of festivals and craft markets, Edmonton is starting to invest in it’s creative image by fostering a growing art scene, with the catalyst being the renaissance undertaken by the Oilers Entertainment Group inside their brand new building.

Lifelighlens Photography is proud to announce that a public exhibition of mounted photographic artwork now resides in the center of that vision. On display in the Sky Lounge on the upper concourse above the Sportsnet Club, are 8 unique installations inspired by the greatness of Edmonton and the natural wonders Alberta has become rightly famous for.