Photography as art: Meet the new queen of home and office decor

It is all about your image… When a work of art is created, it is not enough to simply render from a concept and present the product to the viewer in a incontrovertible exchange. One must always consider how their creation will be perceived by those with their own experiences. That is the beauty of the exchange, and why it is so important to invest in sharing the experience as it relates. All things are relative, the intention, and the reality.

Great art is that to which a viewer can experience, and by their imagination, personal experience and emotions, relate. If they cannot relate the art will be lost on them, and there is no value to be gained for the viewer.

That is why photography as art is becoming such a highly valuable investment. When a space is designed, the art must drive the experience, because it is meant to entertain and inspire. There must be a connection, because that is what we value. We are a society that is becoming ever more connected. Through technology we have inadvertently found ourselves drawn to the most naturally relatable form of art.

Where with the classic forms of creative expression, painting and sculpture, we traditionally admire the master from afar, while having little ability to express oneself with a brush or chisel, now we are able to, and frequently do creatively express ourselves with photography daily. So the camera is by far the creative tool most employed by the world today.

That also happens because the same photographers have become characters… Today putting up an image is cool – Fernando Ruiz, Designer

Surreal Photos. LIFELIGHTLENS image of a crystal ball reflecting a background without the inversion

Photography is the most relatable form of Artwork to todays new art Buyers

Just as we see all experiences through our own lens, art buyers and collectors have begun to see it through theirs, and in their billions. In today’s world there are literally billions of amateurs with the experience to relate to photography as art. Through Instagram, facebook, pinterest and flicker, they have already been primed with the pitch daily (actually users of social media search out new images every couple minutes on average). So the interest in the art form is undeniably there.

When tapping into a prospectively profitable market, entrepreneurs have never before had such an initially enormous and engaged group of consumers. Consumers are all able relate to the products based on personal experience. Collectors are connected to the art form which is why they value it. They are all ready and willing to buy what photographers are selling.

That is the dream of every artist. To be able to create artwork that people value through their connection to it, and on top of that are willing to pay for.

Such is the magnitude of the furor that from YellowKorner confirm that in less than a year they have already sold 680 works only in that store.

Value is the real key to success here. Because being a new comer in the world of fine art sales, photography doesn’t come with the all the clout or prestige, and that gives an advantage to the buyer when it comes to the size of the price tag. Painting and sculptures have had thousands of years to build a reputation as decoration, and also to have their value inflated a hundred fold.

The photograph is a painting in this minute, before it did not look like that. People are asking more and more for it, and what happens is that it is very affordable, or at least more than a painting. –Dominique Klammer, Decorator

Photography as art is perfectly suited to decoration in the digital age

File photo art’s greatest advantage over more traditional forms, as the flexibility in form of the file itself…

When paintings or sculptures are produced they are simple tangible products. They come into creation as they are. They are always what they are. A photograph as a digital file can be so much more.

The ways in which an image can be displayed and collected are only limited by the imagination of the one doing the mounting. Mediums and finishes can be combined to create pieces of artwork that are customized to the designer or client’s preferences. You can choose to hang classic framed prints, industrial aluminum dye sublimations, or gallery exhibit quality acrylic face mounts. In fact the walls themselves can be the mounts with the advent of massively impressive large format wall murals.

The experts in design and decor are astutely becoming aware of the fact that they have a more cost effective, design flexible, easily relatable form of art to provide their clients with, and that is why photography as art is becoming such a highly valued investment in the world of decor.